What is happening throughout the year?

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day: This annual event takes place on the third Thursday in May and promotes awareness and understanding of digital accessibility and assistive technology.
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities: This annual United Nations observance day takes place on December 3 and promotes the rights and well-being of people with disabilities.
  • Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Conference: This annual conference brings together professionals in the assistive technology field to share knowledge and ideas about the latest products and services. The 2023 conference dates have not been announced yet.
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month: This annual event takes place in October and promotes awareness of the contributions and abilities of people with disabilities in the workforce.
  • Various product releases: Companies and organizations in the assistive technology industry are constantly developing and releasing new products and services to help people with disabilities. Stay tuned for announcements and releases throughout the year.

Overall, there are many events and developments related to assistive technology that take place throughout the year. Stay informed and engaged with the assistive technology community to learn about the latest advances and opportunities.

See below for a comprehensive timeline of events.



04: World Braille Day

05-08: Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

16: Blue Monday

24: Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

25: Free training: How to build a disability inclusive
workplace. Book today.

26: Training: How to create accessible documents and
presentations. Book today.

27: Parent Mental Health Day

28: Data Privacy Day

29: World Leprosy Day



All month: Raynaud's Awareness Month

All month: LGBT+ History Month

All month: National Heart Month

02: Time to Talk day

02: Rheumatoid Arthritis Day

02: Training: Accessibility for designers. Book today. 

04: World Cancer Day

06-12: Tinnitus Awareness Week

07: Free Webinar: Higher Education PSBAR Accessibility
Requirements. Access the recording.

07: Safer Internet Day | #SaferInternetDay

07 –13: National Apprenticeships Week

09: Training: PDF accessibility. Book today.

11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

13: International Epilepsy Day

16: Training: How to do accessible, inclusive recruitment.
Book today.

17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

22: World Encephalitis Day

22: Training: How to deliver and sustain accessible digital
learning - for HE and FE professionals. Book today.

23: Training: How to begin your own accessibility testing.
Book today.

27 – 05: Cyber Scotland Week

28: Rare Disease Day

28: International RSI Day



All month: Brain Tumour Awareness Month

01: Zero Discrimination Day

01: International Wheelchair Day

01: Self-harm awareness Day

02: Training: Accessible social media. Book today.

03: World Hearing Day

03: University Mental Health Day

06-11: National Careers Week

07: Free webinar: How the right tech can make the NHS
accessible to all

08: International Women's Day

09: World Kidney Day

09: Training: Understanding accessibility evaluations and
testing results. Book today.

12: World Glaucoma Day

12-18: World Glaucoma Week

13-19: Neurodiversity Celebration Week

13–19: Nutrition and Hydration Week

13-19: Brain Awareness Week

13-17: 38th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

16: Disabled Access Day

16: Training: How to use a screen reader for accessibility
testing. Book today.

21: World Down Syndrome Day

24: World Tuberculosis Day

25: FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) Awareness

26: Purple Day / Epilepsy Awareness Day |

27 – 02 April: World Autism Acceptance Week

30: World Bipolar Day

30: Training: InDesign accessibility. Book today.



All month: Stress Awareness Month

All month: National Pet Month (Celebration of
guide dogs)

All month:  Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Month

All month: Parkinson’s Awareness Month

02: World Autism Awareness Day

07: World Health Day

10-16: Parkinson’s Awareness Week

11: World Parkinson’s Day

13: Training: Accessibility for copywriters

15: International Microvolunteering Day (Volunteer
for AbilityNet)

16: World Voice Day (Recognition of
mutism and stutter)

20: Training: Embedding accessibility at every stage of your

25-01 May: MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness Week

26: International Guide Dog Day

28:  World Day for Safety and Health at Work



All month: Make May Purple, Stroke Awareness Month

All month: National Share a Story Month

02-8: Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

02-8: Deaf Awareness Week

04: Training: Accessibility for developers - ARIA and the
Accessibility Tree 

04: World Password Day

06: World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day

08: World Red Cross Crescent Day

08-13: Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week

10: World Lupus Day

11: Training: Accessibility testing in mobile apps 

12: International ME Awareness Day

13: Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day

15-21: Mental Health Awareness Week

15-23: Learning at Work Week

16-22: Dementia Action Week

18: Training: Accessibility for developers - JavaScript and
SPA Considerations

18: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

24-29: Epilepsy Awareness Week

30: World
MS Day



All month: Cataract Awareness Month

01: Training: Accessible translation and localisation

01-07: Volunteers Week

06-12 – National Carers Week

07: Tourette Awareness Day

08: Training: Digital Accessibility Legislation

10: Global Wellness Day

12: World Humanist Day

12-18: Diabetes Awareness Week

12-18: Men’s Health Week

13-17: Loneliness Awareness Week

15: Training: How to produce accessible videos 

18: Autistic Pride Day

19-25: Learning Disability Week

19-23: #GladtoCare Awareness Week

26-02: Deafblind Awareness Week

26-30: World Wellbeing Week



All month: Disability Pride Month

16: Disability Awareness Day.

24: Samaritans Awareness Day 

25: National Schizophrenia Awareness Day



01: World Wide Web Day

06-12: International Assistance Dog Week

12: International Youth Day

13: International
Left handers Day

18: Never give up Day



All month: World Alzheimer's Month

10: World Suicide Prevention Day

13: World Sepsis Day

18-24: National Coding Week

18-24: International Week of Happiness at Work

19: Youth Mental Health Day

21: World Alzheimer's Day

23: International day of sign languages

25-01: National inclusion week

29: World Heart Day



All month: ADHD Awareness Month

All month: National Cholesterol Month

01: International Day of Older Person

02-06: National Work Life Week

02-08: Dyslexia Awareness Week

10: World Mental Health Day

12: World Sight Day

12-20: Bone and Joint Week

16: World Spine Day

17-23: Get Online Week

20: World Osteoporosis Day

22: International Stammering Awareness Day

30-03: International Stress Awareness Week



All Month: Movember

01: International Stress Awareness Day

03: Smart Home Day

09: World Usability Day

14: World Diabetes Day

14-20: Self Care Week

15: World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day

19: International Men's Day (includes focus on male suicide)

22 - 22 December: Disability History Month

30: Computer Security Day



01: World AIDs Day

03: International
Day of Disabled Persons

10: Human Rights Day

10: International Shareware Day

22: End of Disability
History Month


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