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Pram/Stroller Hooks are a versatile and convenient accessory for parents on the go. These hooks are designed to easily attach to the handlebars of most strollers or prams, providing an extra hand for carrying bags, shopping, or even a diaper bag. The hooks are made from durable, lightweight materials, and feature a swivel design that allows for easy access to items at all times.

As assistive technology, these hooks are designed to help parents with mobility or accessibility needs. For example, they can assist parents with disabilities or injuries who have difficulty carrying heavy items while using a stroller. The hooks also make it easier for parents to manage multiple items while pushing a stroller, which can be especially helpful for those with limited upper body strength or dexterity. Additionally, the hooks can help parents to reduce strain and injury by distributing the weight of items more evenly across their bodies.

Whether you're out and about with your baby, or just need an extra hand, Pram/Stroller Hooks are the perfect solution. They are quick and easy to install and will make your life easier and more enjoyable as a parent. So why wait? Get your Pram/Stroller Hooks today and start enjoying the convenience and comfort they provide!



Pram/Stroller Hooks - Attaches to handle and allows the user to hook bags and other items to the back of the stroller.


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