Folding Guide Stick for Blind/Visually Imparied - 125cm

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Introducing the 125cm Blind Cane, the perfect assistive technology for individuals with visual impairments. This cane is designed to provide support and guidance while navigating through unfamiliar environments.

The cane is constructed with a durable, lightweight aluminum material, making it easy to carry and maneuver. The rubber end and grip provide a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring maximum stability and control while walking.

Unlike other blind canes on the market, this cane does not have an audio sensor. Instead, it focuses on providing a simple, yet effective solution for individuals to independently navigate their surroundings. The cane's length of 125cm is ideal for providing ample reach and clearance when walking.

This cane is a powerful assistive technology that allows individuals with visual impairments to increase their mobility and independence. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to improve their daily navigation. Get your 125cm Blind Cane today and experience the freedom and security it provides.


Stick Tip: Rubber Tip

Shaft Material: Aluminum

Outdoor Activity: Strolling, Walking, Wandering

Model: Folding Blind Guide Stick

Length (cm): 125cm

Joint Number: 4

Handle Material: Rubber

Handle: Other

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