Adaptive Silverware Cutlery - Knife, Fork, Spoon - Set of 3

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 The Adaptive Silverware Cutlery Set of 3 is the perfect solution for those with limited hand strength or dexterity. This set includes a knife, fork, and spoon, each made with a wide grip for easy handling. The silverware is coated in a stylish grey finish, making it a functional and attractive addition to any dinner table.

This set is an excellent example of assistive technology. The wide grip design ensures that individuals with weakened hand strength can still enjoy eating without discomfort. The adaptable design of the silverware makes it easier to grip, reducing the risk of injury and allowing individuals to enjoy their meal with ease.

Whether you're an elderly individual, have arthritis or another condition affecting your hand strength, or simply have trouble holding onto traditional silverware, the Adaptive Silverware Cutlery Set is the perfect solution. With its comfortable and functional design, this set will make mealtime an enjoyable experience once again.

Feature: Wide Grip
Product: Set of Cutlery - Spoon, Knife & Fork
Colour: Grey
Design: Adaptive Cutlery
Material: Stainless Steel

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