Adjustable Laptop Stand - Portable Support for iPad, Macbook and Laptops

Colour: Black
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【Widely compatible, multi-purpose and practical】: This laptop stand should fit every major-size tablet and laptop model on the market.

【Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand】: Adjust according to different table heights, find a comfortable posture for you and make adjustments to personal habits, so that the cervical spine is in a relaxed state.

【Durable and breathable hollow design】: Made of specially processed plastic, it feels delicate, easy to clean, anti-rust, anti-scratch; ventilation hollow design help the computer to dissipate heat and prevent overheating.

【Adjustable Laptop Stand Sturdy and Stable】: It is made of high quality plastic, which is stable and sturdy, don't worry about any shaking. The durable and non-slip silicone pad on top of the stand protects the computer from scratches and slips. The silicone pad on the bottom of the stand ensures that the product remains stable even while typing.

【Foldable Portable Laptop Stand】: The cutout design allows you to easily adjust the angle. It can be folded flat if you need to store it, creating extra space on your desk to keep your desk neat and tidy, easy to store with handle holes for easy portability. Multipurpose in offices, conference rooms, libraries, kitchens and music rooms can accommodate laptops, tablets, projectors, menus, music books, magazines and more.

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