Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener

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Introducing the Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener - the hassle-free solution for opening wine bottles. Simply pierce the cork with the device and pump to effortlessly extract the cork from the bottle. No more struggling with stubborn corks or dealing with broken cork pieces in your wine.

This product is a perfect example of assistive technology as it provides a solution for those with grip difficulties or arthritis. It eliminates the need for manual twisting and pulling, making it easier for individuals with limited hand mobility to open a bottle of wine independently. The Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener is also a great option for individuals who are looking for a faster and more convenient way to open wine bottles.


Simply pierce through the cork and pump air to force the cork out rather than grip and twist the traditional bottle openers


Materials: Stainless steel & Plastic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

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