Anti-Slip Ear Hooks for Glasses

Colour: White
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Anti-Slip Ear Hooks for Glasses are an innovative product designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for glasses wearers. Made from a soft, flexible material, these hooks gently hug the ear to keep glasses in place, even during physical activities. They are also adjustable, ensuring a customized fit for every user.

As assistive technology, these Anti Slip Ear Hooks can be particularly useful for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility who have difficulty keeping their glasses in place. The hooks can prevent frustration and discomfort, allowing individuals to carry out daily activities with greater ease and confidence. Additionally, the adjustable design ensures that the hooks can be used with a wide range of glasses, making them a versatile and accessible solution for all users.


Attach these to the back of your glasses to stop them from falling off your head, the silicone offers excellent grip 


Width: 15mm

Material: Silicone

Length: 35mm

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