Bamboo Plastic Wrap Dispensers

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The Bamboo Plastic Wrap Dispensers are the perfect solution for organizing your kitchen. The dispenser has two or three compartments to hold cling film, foil, or baking paper, so you can easily access the material you need. With its unique design, it also helps you to save space on your kitchen counter or in your pantry.

The dispenser is equipped with a slider that allows you to trim the length of the material as desired. The slider is smooth and easy to operate, making it simple to get just the right length of material you need, whether you're wrapping leftovers, lining a baking pan, or covering a dish.

Assistive Technology:

The Bamboo Plastic Wrap Dispensers are an example of assistive technology. Assistive technology is any device, software, or tool that helps people with disabilities perform tasks they would otherwise have difficulty with.

This product is particularly helpful for those with disabilities affecting their fine motor skills, as the slider allows for easy operation with just one hand. Additionally, the dispenser's design helps keep the material tangle-free, making it easier for those with dexterity issues to access and use the material.

In conclusion, the Bamboo Plastic Wrap Dispensers offer a practical and convenient solution for organizing your kitchen and are also a great example of assistive technology, providing aid to those with disabilities.



Plastic Wrap Dispenser for Foil, Cling Film, Baking Paper etc.

Dimensions: SEE IMAGE

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