Bed Making Mattress Lifter - Mattress Wedge

Colour: Light Blue
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The Bed Making Mattress Lifter is a must-have for anyone who struggles with the daily task of making their bed. This simple yet effective tool, also known as a mattress wedge, works by slipping between your mattress and bed to create a gap that makes it easier for you to remove and replace your sheets. No longer will you have to endure the pain and difficulty of lifting and tucking the sheets at the same time.

This product is not only convenient but also an assistive technology tool. It provides a solution for people who have physical limitations or disabilities, allowing them to carry out a routine task with ease. This can help to increase independence and improve quality of life. Additionally, the Bed Making Mattress Lifter is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for those who need to adjust their bedding frequently, such as those who are bedridden or those who travel frequently.

The Bed Making Mattress Lifter is designed to fit any size bed and is made from durable, lightweight materials to ensure longevity and ease of use. Whether you are living with a physical disability or simply want to make your life easier, the Bed Making Mattress Lifter is the perfect tool for you. So why wait? Order your Bed Making Mattress Lifter today and start enjoying the comfort and convenience of a well-made bed!



Material: ABS

Use: Mattress Wedge

Application: Putting Bed Sheets on

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