EcoGlide 360: SmartFlow Hands-Free Mop System with AquaSeparate Bucket

Options: Mop with 1 wipe
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Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Microfiber Lazy No Hand Washing Floor Floating 360 Mops – an ingenious household cleaning tool designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency. This innovative mop system simplifies the cleaning process, offering a hands-free experience and efficient water waste separation. Say goodbye to traditional mops and hello to a smarter, more accessible way to keep your floors sparkling clean.

Why it's a Useful Assistive Technology Product:

  1. Hands-Free Cleaning: The 360 Mops with Bucket introduces a hands-free approach to cleaning, eliminating the need for strenuous hand wringing or manual effort. This feature is especially advantageous for individuals with limited hand mobility or strength.

  2. Efficient Water Waste Separation: The intelligent design of the mop and bucket system ensures effective water waste separation. This not only optimizes the cleaning process but also minimizes the physical strain associated with traditional mop wringing methods.

  3. Accessible Cleaning Tools: The user-friendly design makes these cleaning tools accessible to a wide range of users. The 360-degree rotation capability of the mop head enhances maneuverability, allowing individuals with varying abilities to efficiently clean various surfaces with ease.

How it is Used:

Incorporating the Microfiber Lazy No Hand Washing Floor Floating 360 Mops into your cleaning routine is a breeze:

  1. Fill the Bucket: Pour water and your preferred cleaning solution into the bucket, ensuring that the mop head is submerged and ready for action.

  2. 360-Degree Mop Action: Glide the 360 Mop across your floors, allowing the microfiber strands to capture dust and dirt effectively. The mop head's ability to rotate 360 degrees ensures thorough cleaning in all directions.

  3. Hands-Free Operation: When it's time to wring out the mop, simply place it into the specially designed bucket. The hands-free wringing mechanism effortlessly removes excess water, making the mop ready for the next cleaning pass.


  1. Time and Effort Savings: The innovative design of the 360 Mops with Bucket streamlines the cleaning process, saving both time and effort. The hands-free operation and efficient water waste separation contribute to a more enjoyable and accessible cleaning experience.

  2. Versatile Cleaning: Suitable for a variety of floor surfaces, the microfiber mop head ensures effective cleaning on tiles, wood, laminate, and more, making it a versatile tool for all your cleaning needs.

  3. Space-Saving Storage: The compact design of the mop and bucket system allows for easy storage, making it a practical solution for homes with limited space.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Microfiber Lazy No Hand Washing Floor Floating 360 Mops with Bucket – an Assistive Technology product that brings efficiency and accessibility to the forefront of your household chores. Enjoy cleaner floors with less effort and more convenience!

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