Electric Fruit & Vegetable Peeler - Automatic Battery Operated Machine - Easy-to-use Kitchen Tool Utensil

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Introducing the Electric Fruit & Vegetable Peeler - an innovative kitchen tool that makes peeling fruits and vegetables a breeze. This automatic battery-operated machine takes the hassle out of the everyday task of peeling and makes it effortless, giving you more time to focus on other important things in the kitchen.

As an assistive technology, the Electric Fruit & Vegetable Peeler is designed to make life easier for individuals with disabilities, such as arthritis or limited dexterity, who may find manual peeling challenging. The automatic, battery-operated design allows for hands-free peeling and eliminates the need for manual effort. This results in less strain on the hands, wrists, and fingers, making peeling tasks much easier and more comfortable.

This easy-to-use kitchen tool utensil is specifically designed for the UK market, ensuring correct spelling and language. The electric peeler is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and take with you on the go. Whether you’re peeling potatoes for a family dinner or making a fruit salad for a picnic, the Electric Fruit & Vegetable Peeler is the perfect tool for the job.

In conclusion, the Electric Fruit & Vegetable Peeler is a must-have kitchen tool that makes peeling fruits and vegetables a breeze. Its assistive technology design makes it a great option for individuals with disabilities, while its ease of use and convenience make it a practical solution for anyone who wants to simplify their kitchen tasks.

  • It is an amazing electric potato peeler that can peel potatoes, apples, and fruits quickly and easily. Suitable for most round-shaped fruits and vegetables. An indispensable kitchen tool.


  • Just peel the skin, without wasting any of the nutrition. Humanized button design, just gently press, and start peeling automatically. A potato can be peeled within 10 seconds.


  • The movable fixed needle can adapt to different vegetable & fruit heights. The Robotized arm adjusts to every thickness, shape, and texture.


  • The bottom holder can fix its rotation process. No need to hold the potato, apples, or other fruits & or vegetables during peeling. Strong power, high working efficiency.

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