Electronic Measurement Spoon - LCD Screen & Battery Powered

Colour: Black
Sale price$20.00 USD


Introducing, the Electronic Measurement Spoon - the ultimate tool for accurate and convenient measuring. This innovative spoon features an LCD screen that displays the precise measurement of the ingredients you are measuring, making it perfect for cooking and baking.

The spoon is battery-powered, making it easy to use anywhere, and it is perfect for those who have difficulty measuring ingredients with traditional measuring tools. The LCD screen is easy to read, even in low light conditions, and provides accurate measurements in millilitres and ounces.

This Electronic Measurement Spoon is also an assistive technology that can help those with visual impairments, arthritis, or other conditions that make measuring ingredients difficult. It eliminates the need for manual measurements and can help you achieve consistent results every time you cook or bake.

With its compact and ergonomic design, this spoon is easy to store and clean. It is also dishwasher safe, making it a convenient tool for any kitchen. Get perfect measurements every time with the Electronic Measurement Spoon.

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