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The Gel Seat Cushion is an assistive technology product designed to provide comfort and support to individuals who spend long hours seated. It is especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities, mobility impairments, and chronic pain conditions. The TPE gel material, high elasticity, and constant temperature make the cushion ideal for individuals who require extra cushioning and support while seated.

The ergonomic design of the cushion helps to reduce stress, provide maximum support and comfort, and absorb and disperse body pressure. This helps to alleviate low back pain and pelvic problems that may be caused by prolonged sitting.

The cushion is easy to clean and has a non-slip back, which ensures stability and prevents it from slipping or moving during use. It is also portable, making it a convenient solution for individuals who need support while traveling or while seated in different locations.

In conclusion, the Gel Seat Cushion is a versatile and practical assistive technology solution for individuals who require extra comfort and support while seated.

This product is a fantastic pressure reliever for your rear, it works well on chairs and stools. Many have idolised its use for wheelchair users, its gel completion is excellent for people who have to be sat down for long periods of time without a rest.


Also great for people in offices or just on a sofa/armchair.



1. Material: Made of TPE gel material, high elasticity and constant temperature material, cool, circulating air, good ventilation, contact cooling and honeycomb structure.

2. Anti-deformation: The mesh elastic gel technology is adopted. Stretching and extrusion can also be quickly restored to the original state, and it will not be deformed for long-term use, which is economical.

3. Ergonomic design: It can reduce stress while providing maximum support and comfort. It can also absorb and disperse body pressure, sitting posture collapse, pelvic problems and other low back pain.

4. Easy to clean: It can be removed and cleaned, and the back is non-slip. It can be stably fixed anywhere and is difficult to fall off. It has good friction so that it does not move easily.


Item Weight: 0.72kg

Item Type: Seat Covers & Supports

Item Length: 40cm

Item Width: 35cm

Item Height: 4cm


Shape: Square

40x35x4 cm

Feature: Anti-Decubitus, relieve fatigue

Applicable Season: Four Seasons

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