Multifunctional Spray Mop - Window Cleaner Floor Wiper with Silicone Scraper

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The Multifunctional Spray Mop is the ultimate cleaning solution for your home. It combines the functionality of a traditional mop with the convenience of a spray bottle, making it the perfect tool for cleaning your windows, floors, and more.

This innovative product features a silicone scraper that allows you to easily remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from surfaces. The mop is also equipped with a spray bottle, which can be filled with your preferred cleaning solution. Simply squeeze the trigger to release a fine mist, which will cover the surface you are cleaning and allow you to clean with ease.

The mop head is made from high-quality microfiber, which is gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt. It is designed to pick up dirt, dust, and debris from your floors, leaving them spotless and shining.

Assistive Technology: This product is a great example of assistive technology, as it is designed to make cleaning easier for people with disabilities, elderly people, and those with mobility issues. The lightweight design of the mop and the ergonomic handle make it easy to use, even for people with limited strength. Additionally, the spray bottle can be filled with your preferred cleaning solution, so you can choose a product that is safe and effective for you and your home.

Whether you are looking to clean your windows, floors, or any other surface, the Multifunctional Spray Mop is the perfect tool for the job. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy a spotless home with ease!

You could even use it for your car!



Use for: Floor and window

Use 1: Window washer

Use 2: Spray Mop

Use 3: Window Squeegee

Use 4: Shower wiper

Squeegee Material: PP (PolyPropylene)

Model Number: Multifunctional Spray Mop Window Cleaner

Handle Material: Aluminum

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Brand Name: Joybos

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