Movement Belt/Transfer Aid

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The Movement Belt/Transfer Aid is the perfect solution for those who are less mobile and require assistance with moving from one place to another. Whether you are a carer or a wheelchair user, this product will help you to achieve a smoother and more efficient transfer process.

Made from durable and lightweight materials, the Movement Belt/Transfer Aid is both comfortable and safe to use. It features an adjustable waistband that can be easily adjusted to fit most body types, and a sturdy handle that provides ample grip for the carer. The handle is also covered with a non-slip material to ensure that both the carer and the patient remain safe and secure during the transfer process.

This product is classified as assistive technology because it helps people who are less mobile to achieve a level of independence and mobility that they may not have been able to achieve on their own. It reduces the risk of injury to both the carer and the patient, as well as making the transfer process smoother and more efficient. Additionally, it is designed to be used in a variety of settings, such as homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

In conclusion, the Movement Belt/Transfer Aid is an essential tool for anyone who is looking to improve the quality of life for those who are less mobile. With its lightweight and durable design, adjustable waistband, and sturdy handle, it is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a little extra help with moving from one place to another.

This is designed to aid less mobile people, it allows a carer to more efficiently move their patient. It can be used for wheelchair users too.


Material: Non-woven

Item TypeMovement Aid 

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