AquaGuard ProTech: Super Absorbent Anti-Slip Draining Mat

Colour: Black
Size: 20X30cm
Sale price$15.00 USD


Introducing AquaGuard ProTech, your go-to solution for mess-free and efficient kitchen and bathroom care. This Super Absorbent Anti-Slip Draining Mat is not just a mat—it's a game-changer in cleanliness and accessibility. From quick-drying kitchen essentials to providing a slip-resistant surface, this mat is designed to make daily tasks easier for everyone, especially for those who value ease of use and safety in their living spaces.

Why it's a Useful Assistive Technology Product:

  1. Enhanced Safety with Anti-Slip Design: The Anti-Slip feature of AquaGuard ProTech ensures stability, providing a secure surface in both the kitchen and bathroom. This is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

  2. Super Absorbency for Quick Drying: The mat's super absorbent capabilities are a time-saver. It accelerates the drying process, making it an essential tool for individuals with limited time or physical abilities who need quick access to dry tableware or a slip-free bathroom surface.

  3. Versatile Usage for Tableware and More: AquaGuard ProTech isn't just limited to the kitchen—it's a versatile tool that can be used in various spaces. From acting as a dish-drying mat to providing a quick-drying solution for bathroom surfaces, its adaptability makes it an excellent Assistive Technology product.

How it is Used:

  1. Place and Absorb: Simply place AquaGuard ProTech in the desired location—whether it's under dish racks, coffee machines, or in the bathroom. The super absorbent material instantly begins soaking up moisture.

  2. Anti-Slip Assurance: The anti-slip design keeps the mat securely in place, providing a stable surface for kitchen tasks or in areas where slipping is a concern.

  3. Quick Dry Convenience: Experience the efficiency of quick drying, making it easy for individuals with limited hand strength or time constraints to access dry tableware or maintain a dry bathroom environment.


  1. Time-Efficient Drying: The super absorbent material ensures that your kitchen essentials and bathroom surfaces dry quickly, saving time and effort in daily routines.

  2. Anti-Slip Security: The anti-slip design enhances safety, providing stability for individuals with mobility concerns and contributing to a secure living environment.

  3. Versatility in Use: AquaGuard ProTech's versatility makes it a valuable addition to any home. From kitchen to bathroom, it serves multiple purposes, catering to the diverse needs of users.

Product Name: AquaGuard ProTech SuperDry Mat

Elevate your daily routine with AquaGuard ProTech SuperDry Mat—an Assistive Technology solution that combines super absorbency, anti-slip functionality, and versatile usage for a cleaner, safer, and more accessible living space.

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