Wooden Card Holder Stand for Card Games

Option: Wood
Ships From: Czech Republic
Sale price$10.00 USD


Introducing the Wooden Card Holder Stand, the perfect addition to your card game collection. Made from high-quality wood, this stand is both durable and stylish, making it the perfect addition to any game room or living room.

The stand features multiple compartments, allowing you to organize your cards in an easily accessible and visually appealing way. The compartments are adjustable, making it perfect for holding cards of different sizes and types, such as poker cards, tarot cards, or even business cards.

But the Wooden Card Holder Stand isn't just a stylish accessory, it's also an assistive technology. The stand's design allows for individuals with limited hand mobility or dexterity to comfortably hold and organize their cards during game play. The compartments are easily adjustable, making it easy for individuals to find and access their cards without having to fumble through a deck.

In addition, the stand's elevated design allows for cards to be easily seen by all players, making it perfect for individuals with visual impairments or low vision. The stand is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to take to game nights or travel with.

Upgrade your card game experience with the Wooden Card Holder Stand, the perfect combination of style and assistive technology.

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